Pharmaceutical packaging experts

packaging experts
Specializing in the creation and maintenance of pharmaceutical packaging designs,
as well as portfolio management.


Creative design, maintenance changes and layouts are our focus. In addition to following existing graphic guidelines, we produce logos and original designs - including detailed implementation instructions - for OTCs and generics.


Our focused designers deliver 95 percent of artwork changes within 48 hours.

Spot on accuracy

We have an average of 1.3 versions per artwork.


We handle 5.000 designs per designer every year.

Like Clockwork

We spend countless hours developing super accurate procedures to avoid grey areas.

12 Years
of experience

Working with existing designs on a daily basis means we know what works and what doesn't.

Attention to detail

Ensure consistency with a precise implementation guideline developed for every new product design.


Every creative choice we make is based on thorough and specific market research.

Brand focus

Define your brand and market position with a clear and considered logo design.